Mind, Emotion and Hormonal Weight Loss Workshop

Shebang Events is delighted to invite you to a very unique networking workshop taking place from 11am – 12pm on Tuesday 8th August at Brooke’s Wine Bar and Shop, Quinta Shopping, Quinta do Lago.

The workshop will be hosted by Vicki Snow, owner of Body Breakthrough.

The event will cover your mind, emotional and hormonal weight loss challenges and give a great insight to areas that we all struggle with on a daily basis.

What to expect:

I am Vicki Snow – I help people end yo yo dieting, get the body they want AND end the mental and emotional struggle that goes with yo yo dieting.

Yes, I teach my clients how to lose weight WITHOUT all the dieting misery, obsessive calorie counting, unenjoyable exercise and restriction and deprivation…..

I am a mindset and emotional eating coach, yoga teacher, retreat host, hormone expert and creator of The Body Breakthrough Method.

This is for you if you feel frustrated with dieting and never quite getting to your goal. Most people I speak to who struggle with weight say what I teach is the missing puzzle piece for them.

In my PRESENTATION you will learn:

#1 How to NOT “derail” (sabotage with food) every time you feel out of control emotionally (stress & overwhelm) 

#2 Why being lazer-focussed on what you are eating constantly is a mistake

#3 How to re-programme your behaviour patterns via my simple 3-step process

#4 How to rebalance your hormones for optimum health and fat burning

We only have a limited number of places available, so if you would like to join us, please RSVP by Saturday 5th August.  Price is €5pp and includes a welcome healthy juice!

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