The MasterChef Cookery Challenge 2023

Thank you to everyone who took part in our 1st Masterchef Cookery Challenge!  We must say everyone worked so well as a team & produced some amazing dishes.  Huge thanks go to Jonnie Pratt from Tribulum, our Executive Chef & instructor and our sponsors – Chase Buchanan, Oscar’s Bar & Kitchen & Wattshot.

We look forward to the next one later in the year!

1st Place – Chase Buchanan

2nd Place – Wattshot

3rd Place – Very Into Partying & Adele Newton

A new event for 2023, Shebang Events presents the Chase Buchanan MasterChef Cookery Challenge 2023!

Tuesday 18th April at Oscar’s Bar & Kitchen, Vila Sol, Quarteira.
12noon – 4pm

Designed for businesses, families or friends to work as a team in order to create masterpieces lead by our Executive Chef Jonnie Pratt, from Tribulum Restaurant.

You will have to learn & apply team building skills, timing, manage stress & patience to impress the judges if you are going to win!

Judges will be considering:

The dishes flavour, appearance, texture and aroma, and how these qualities come together as a whole.  But also how you work as a team & execute each dish.

This event is ideal for staff / managers to teach a better working environment & learn more skills that can be adapted in everyday business activities.  However it is also a great event for families or business partners to enter, teaching patience & the importance of managing stress through the art of cooking.

Price is €70 per couple & includes:
* Professional Chef teaching from Jonnie Pratt, Tribulum
* Aprons
* All ingredients
* Great prizes to be won
* Cookery Certificate
To reserve your place please email: 

Sponsored By:

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